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Here, you can find all about our activities done during the scholastic year. You will also find online games, songs, videos and photos to learn and enjoy with the children. Besides, this is also a means of communication between us and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Ms Said

These are the two rhymes we have learnt this week

Rhyme for the Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf
Tune “This old Man”

Three little Pigs
Walking down the street
A big bad wolf they did meet 
So they ran home fast
and shut the door tight
No big wolf will get them tonight.

Pigs on the farm...

Sung To: Wheels on the bus

The pigs on the farm go oink, oink, oink
oink, oink, oink
oink, oink, oink. 
The pigs on the farm go oink, oink, oink
all through the day.

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