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Here, you can find all about our activities done during the scholastic year. You will also find online games, songs, videos and photos to learn and enjoy with the children. Besides, this is also a means of communication between us and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Ms Said

Minnie's Rainbow

Listen to this little rhyme about the colours of the rainbow that we are learning in class

Colour the rainbow

Click on the picture, play with Freda frog and say the colours of the rainbow.



Rainbows   (sing it on Frere et Jacques)

I see rainbows
I see rainbows
Way up high
In the sky

They are red and orange
Yellow, green and blue
Purple too what a view

I see rainbows
I see rainbows
Way up high
In the sky

They are made from sunshine
Shining through the rain
What a view
In sky so blue

L-ittra tal-ġimgħa

L-ittra q hi l-ittra għal din il-ġimgħa. Komplu sibu l-kliem li jibda b'din l-ittra flimkien mat-tfal.

Ten in the Bed

Rainbow fish jigsaw puzzles

Click on the pictures and play

Buried treasures

Poeżija ħelwa fuq ix-xita

Nieżla x-xita

Nieżla x-xita, l-ajru griż
Kull fejn toħroġ hawn ċaflis
X'sejrin nagħmlu tfal illum
Xejn m'hu tajjeb għall-ballun.
Ejjew nagħmlu ktieb sabiħ
Biex min jiftħu jifraħ bih

Drippy the Raindrop



This week we are going to talk about the rain and how it is formed. The story of Drippy the Raindrop is a wonderful story to teach children about the water cycle in the easiest way.